Please try to be specific in booking appointments. This does not imply that you need to disclose your reason to the assistant.  They simply need to know how much time to allocate.  Please refrain from bringing “lists” to an urgent appointment.   Our assistants will try to “squeeze in” urgent problems.  Please realize that last minute appointments do inconvenience regular patients.  Please respect this and expect the occasional wait. We try to respect the value of your time.

Physicals examinations are intended as reviews to look for new problems.  Some patients require care on an ongoing basis, and will undergo an annual review, yet others who feel healthy may go several years before a re-check is required.  Counseling  utilize longer appointment intervals and require pre-booking.   Most counseling is best accomplished in the morning.  Our appointment times incorporate time for charting, calls on your behalf and nursing time.

PLEASE BRING ALL YOUR MEDICATIONS TO APPOINTMENTS.If your health is a little more complex, we encourage you to keep a small booklet, listing all your specialists, dates of appointments, tests ordered by other physicians, medications, blood sugars or blood pressure, contact list for relatives and a short synopsis of your health problems.  It will make your journey through the health system vastly more efficient.