A family practice is a complex organization involving several team members.  Numerous activities go on simultaneously. Being on the front-lines of medicine means dealing with the unexpected and emergent on a regular basis.  We kindly ask that if you need to cancel an appointment, call us at 905-828-2837  ext 22 and leave a message as soon as you can.   We understand that your time is valuable as well, and we will try to endeavour to deal with your medical problem in a timely manner.   Please remember that last minute and walk-in appointments, will possibly require you to wait.  

   Please remember that with some lengthy procedures such as physicals, there is a fair amount of preparation time involved.   For these reasons, it is necessary to come 15 minutes early.  We suggest you allocate one and a half to two hours of your  own time for physicals, if you plan to have blood work and other testing done.   If you are late, then part of the examination may be deferred to a later time.

   If you FORGET about an appointment please call us as soon as you remember.  We do allow a grace period for the occasional lapse in memory that affects us all.  The space and resources that you book can always be used for someone else needing medical care.   Please be aware that you will be BILLED directly for medical resources that you book and fail to show up for.