Forms and Non-OHIP

   OHIP is an insurance plan. The coverage is extensive, but it does not cover most administrative, minor procedures, letters, drivers physicals, record transfers, legal reports and travel requests.  Sometimes, a company or legal firm may write with your permission seeking information and will be responsible for the associated costs.  Other times, employers and others take a more sneaky approach and have you do the running around and payment.   Some requests are simply information from your health record, while other requests ask that you be examined and your findings be documented.  In this case, pre-booking is necessary.   The most commonest error made by patients is failure to read the form.  Most of the time it requires that you fill out portions yourself before asking for further assesment.  It may mean an extra visit back to the office if you forget.  You should also sign and date the authorization section if apporpriate.  Most of the time, this implies that you are willing to release ALL of your health record to the requestor.  Read the fine print, and ensure that this is really your intention.  All requests require carefull review by the physician before they get signed off. Costs of non-OHIP services can vary from $15 for a simple sick note into, hundreds of dollars for extensive requests. Longer requests are generally billed by time units.  The office will provide you with a request sheet and price estimate before commencing.  Most costs are basic and designed to merely cover the time expended in fullfilling the request.  If you anticipate a great deal of such forms in a short period, it is worth inquiring about a yearly block fee.

     Examples of NON-OHIP items:  Sick Notes,  Disability Forms, Camp Forms,  Travel Assessment and Shots,

Simple Skin Tag removals,  Missed Appointment Charges, Drivers Physicals, Life Insurance Forms,  Legal Letters.

The office does accept VISA, DEBIT and Mastercard.