At the current time, the practice is FULL.  TO BE A FHO MEMBER YOU SHOULD HAVE REGISTERED IN THE PRACTICE BY FILLING OUT A OHIP FORM BETWEEN 2001 to 2008.  This form was sent by us to OHIP who assigned you to the practice.  You can check your status by talking to one of our medical assistants.  A medical practice is a dynamic entity and tends to change with time.  We do have a waiting list, and priority is given to newborns and new spouses. Unfortunately, we have placed very few people from our list.    Being part of a Family Health Organization involves reviewing and running preventative health programs such as flu-shots, PAP tests,  colon screening, mammograms, and immunizations.  It also involves arranging referrals, monitoring hospitalizations, reviewing medications and booking numerous investigations.  There is a great deal of time devoted to this behind the scenes and beyond patient encounter hours.

An acute medical emergency or  a one time evaluation for patients without physicians may be considered at times.

IF YOU SIGN A FORM AT ANOTHER CLINIC, EVEN A WALK-IN CLINIC,  IT IS LIKELY THAT OHIP WILL DE-REGISTER YOU FROM THE FHO, AND ANY RECORDS WILL BE SENT TO  STORAGE.  Please remember that we provide service to you on behalf of OHIP who is your insurer.  We cannot change or dictate OHIP policies. You need to contact OHIP for this.

For PATIENTS SEEKING A NEW FAMILY DOCTOR IN THE AREA CONTACT :  Health Care Connect the newest agency set up to assist you.   1-800-445-1822.