Handling of tests and results is complex.  A "result" is the opinion of a physician who has examined you and ordered some tests.  It is the duty and obligation for a physician to review tests that they order.  The diagnostic process can be an anxious one. It is not apporpriate nor productive for patients to be re-routing and short circuiting the process.  All tests ordered by Dr.Kujtan or his team are reviewed by him personally.   It is important that you follow-up with the physician who is doing your work-up for results and opinions.  Raw data from tests is not universally shared in our system.  If you see a physician in a different setting, do not expect that their tests and opinions  automatically appear in your office folder. It is important that you see them for follow-up even if it seems cumbersome to do so.  When we request an opinion from a specialist colleague, they usually deliver this in writing to us when they have examined you and performed investigations.  We do not expect to get the raw data, and it is not helpful to demand office staff to procure raw tests, particularly when the important details about them is not known. This can lead to misdiagnosis, since most people are unaware of the testing details which is crucial for interpretation.   You may encounter seemingly helpful technicians and admninistrative staff who tell you that they are willing to circumvent the system and deliver things on your behalf but this rarely happens.   Physicians communicate urgent results directly by phone or letter to ordering physicians.   We generally call you or ask you to rebook in a short period of time when an urgent problem is being investigated.  Many times, our physicians will call you when there is urgency.  We do discourage the practice of people asking for copies or raw data, for personal use.  It needs to be prepared in a confidentiality preservation manner and there is a charge to do so.  Normal results not requiring immediate action are generally discussed at your next office visit.